Franchise in yoga studios

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Franchise in yoga studios
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Why do many open yoga studios and work on enthusiasm? Why do not they expect big profit from the yoga studio? Why do many close in the first year of work? Many directors and owners of yoga studios are afraid to think about the material side of the business, many regard it as a spiritual path, paying rent, taxes, paying instructors, administrators, advertising, etc .. They forget that business should bring welfare besides welfare!


"SHANTY" - the best offer to every beginning entrepreneur in the field of yoga studios!


6 years of successful work!


Standardization of classes: equally high level in each lesson for any mentor / instructor


Yoga therapy: improving for everyone is our main task


An integrated approach - free storage of rugs, replacement shoes, all accessories for yoga - we care about everything


Assortment - classes for moms and kids, yoga, qigong, gymnastics and creative classes - everyone will find a service for themselves





Your benefits and profits


Business processes - we will give the most effective methods of work: from the application to the payment of a subscription


Testing and updating - we regularly test new business schemes at the head office, then transfer them to the franchisees


Service system - we will help to build the most qualitative service for your clients



200 000 rubles the average profit per month after reaching the calculated turnover, and this is not the limit!


Development region


Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova


Country of origin





Investments in the opening of 500 000 - 800 000 rub


INTRODUCTORY FEES - 450 000 rubles (first 3 rd 380 000 rubles)

REGULAR ASSIGNMENTS - 15 000 - 25 000 rub

PURCHASE OF FRANCHISE - from 6 to 12 months.


What is included in the Franchise:


Brand-book - detailed description and models of promotional materials


Franchisee-beech - check-lists, methodical materials


500 subscriptions - electronic cards for customers


Skype - regular support from the franchisor


Equipment - recommendations for choosing a supplier


The personal manager


CRM-system - connection to the accounting system


Quality control


Exclusive to the region - discussed individually


CRM-system - connection to the accounting system


Marketing - assistance in conducting campaigns and recommendations for the organization


Room - Advice of choice


Design project - ready design of studio design


Staff - assistance in the interview of teachers


Training - full-time and remote training of personnel and franchisees



Advantages for Franchisees



Departure to the franchisee - the franchisor will come to work individually with each partner


Own development - check-lists of conducting classes, the fulfilled business processes


Promotion - ready-made campaigns for promotion in Yandex.Direct and SMM


Update methods - annual congresses of all partners to update the methodology and techniques


Training - full-time training of franchisees, staff and mentors on the basis of the head office and franchise studio


Shanti - these are the conditions for a healthy lifestyle and harmonious development for each client.


Yoga-studio is a business that solves two problems at once: improving clients and making profit.


Shanti is the result of the combination of well-designed business processes and a wide range of services: from yoga for beginners to corporate training for large companies. Our goal is to develop a culture of yoga and a network in the whole of Russia.

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