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IPS-1: (1-st Level Listing)


IPS - Intellectual Property Sharing

a form of raising cash through the sale of IPS assets through exchange trades of IPS, Intellectual Property Sharing

IP Shares

shareholdings of intellectual property, put up for sale on exchange trades.


assets, in the form of obligations to perform services (deliveries of goods), which only issuers of IP-shares listed on IPS Composite can issue.

Issuers of IP-shares

legal entities and individuals having registered intellectual property objects that are traded on the IP-MARIS Listing Site of the Exchange

IPS Composite (IPS Composite)

The specialized section on the Exchange's listing platform, on which IPS-Shares traded category Primers


Only the following types of copyright may be used as intellectual property objects:

- author's works (logos, works of science, etc.)

- derivative works of authorship

- composite works of authorship

In the presence of objects of patent law (trademarks, inventions, utility models) or commercial law (know-how, secrets of production), they can be included in the proposal for a share sale without holding quotations

Aston-Share Fix Rate
Blue chips
Article: AASF
Bid price:
1000.00 $
Valuation: 1470.00 $
Expert price: 1000.00 $
Aston-Share Market rate
Blue chips
Article: AASM
Bid price:
500.00 $
Valuation: 840.00 $
Expert price: 500.00 $