IP-Maris Services

IP-Maris Services


Free services:

Realization of intellectual property on the international electronic platform by submitting to the Investor and the seller of interesting information about IP assets for sale and the intentions of Investors to purchase. The service is free, the Seller and the Buyer commit themselves, the commission of BIS does not charge

Paid services:

- Creation of a system of capitalization, monetization and management of intellectual property in the enterprise.

- Registration of documents for the protection of all types of copyrights to intellectual property (IP).

- Evaluation or expert confirmation of the valuation of IP assets

- Preparation of the Register of IP objects, statement on the balance sheet and accounting of intellectual property in intangible assets of the enterprise

- Preparation of enterprises for IPO and ICO "turnkey"


Other services, including consultancy at the request of authors / investors, as well as a thematic search and selection of materials on databases with the provision of short and detailed information.

Creation and use on the site of tools to attract the attention of investors and buyers, including active banners, infographics, slogans on the main page and related elements that increase the number of potential IP consumers.


For the buyer

You have the opportunity to leave your application for the type of Intellectual Property product that you are interested in. Experts will select and offer you several options for your choice within three days.

Intangible assets with the status "Verified" have been studied by experts in the field of intellectual property and you can be sure that such facilities are not plagiarized and have an adequate cost.

Ready-made solution

You have the opportunity to purchase an already ready-made intellectual property asset that meets your goals and do not waste time on its creative creation, testing, registration, etc. A large selection of intangible assets will allow you to immediately start using the purchased object in business.


For the seller

Protect your brand or business, check for security documents and monetize by selling or transferring for commercial use. You can put up for sale either with the status "Not checked" or "Verified".

"Verified" means that your object will be examined by intellectual property specialists regarding the availability of security documents and the objectivity of the valuation cost, and the trust of Buyers will be much higher for objects with the "Verified" status, which will allow you to monetize your intangible asset much faster.


Monetization of intellectual property

You can monetize your intellectual property by selling it or transferring it for commercial use on a license / franchise basis.

Monetization of NMA is the receipt of direct financial benefits from IP, including:

- sale to investors and buyers;

- evaluation and increase of business value;

- Increasing the value of the brand and business reputation of the company, including for use in investment purposes;

- optimization of tax payments;

- introduction of working ways of creating passive income from IP;

- repayment of debts due to IP.