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BА-3: Off-Exchange



1. In case of non-compliance of the IP object and the owner's refusal from the services, this object may be exposed to the Off-exchange sections or not accepted for exchange trades.

2. Listing on the exchange of objects can be carried out in two ways:

- with the current state of legal protection and rating

- with enhanced protection and higher ratings.

Specialists of the exchange are ready to render consulting services, to estimate the cost of capital. As an additional bonus for the existing Aston Alliance customers, a personal cabinet is created.

As a rule, for registration of a certain chosen object of intellectual property, businessmen have to wait for a year. However, no one guarantees that their version will be adopted by the relevant departments.

3. All transactions with IP objects that have not been listed can be placed on the off-exchange site. The Exchange does not bear professional responsibility for the reliability and legality of such transactions.

Bid price:
80000.00 $
Valuation: 80000.00 $
Expert price: 80000.00 $