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Exchange services


Types Type of service Description of services
Own Exchange services    
  Info services Showing an Expert or your asset on the front page of the Exchange for 1 month
    Writing a review or feedback from the Exchange experts on your site
    PR-article on the website of the Exchange
    PR-article on Facebook
    To put a label - the label "OBJECT OF THE DAY" or "EXPERT OF THE DAY"
  IPS placement Development of a package of documents, IP-Shares and IP-tokens strategy, registration of the Resolution on placement, placement
    Market Maker Services
  Arbitration Dispute Resolution
  Fees Issue of exchange policy (electronic pdf-file)
    Issuance of a paper contract (hard copy)
  Expertise Listing procedure
  Fin. services Money transfer by individual schemes
External services of the Exchange    
  IP registration Registration of a standard copyright-asset
  Expertise of the degree of protection Searches and etc.
  Valuation of the asset Independent evaluation of the asset of intellectual property
  Suppression of plagiarism Enforcement actions on 1 asset of IP - Suppression of plagiarism, promotion and sale of counterfeit goods (services)
  Development of franchise, licensing schemes For 1 type of service (1. Franchise presentation, 2. Franchise agreement, 3. Franchise action plan, 4. Rules of reporting and use of OIP, 5. Control mechanism, 6. Legal protection and protection strategy)

Development of investment project *



Development of an investment memorandum, financial model and other materials
  Find an asset for purchase or investment Search and selection of the asset
  Registration of a work of science (INTEROCO) Author's projects, business models, technologies, trainings, websites, mobile applications, business algorithms, games, etc.
  Capitalization of intellectual property Based on 1 enterprise (on average, the cost of services is from 3% to 10% of the capitalized amount)

* Development of investment project