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Online trading platform IP-MARIS, operated by the International Association for the Development of Intellectual Property "MARIS" (Russia, United Arab Emirates) and providing services in various regions and countries through authorized operators (Regional or National offices), in Russia, the functions of the National Office are performed by Interoco Eurasia LLC " (Moscow)

Expert of the Exchange

Employee of the authorized operator of the Exchange


An individual or legal entity that is the copyright holder of a business project, or a founder, owner of a legal entity that has expressed a desire to put its object on the exchange trades.


Exchange asset in the form of 100% or shared intellectual property, legal entity, business idea, project, franchise, license, start-up,
token, or in any other form prescribed by the rules of stock trading


Exchange Marketplace

A special section of the Exchange whose admission to trading is available for objects that meet the criteria defined by the Exchange


Initial presentation of a business project to Exchange experts in accordance with the approved requirements for the information provided and with preservation of confidentiality rules


The register of intellectual developments of authors or rightholders, structured by types of results of creative activity, as well as with the classification and selection of the most optimal forms of legal protection in the form of intellectual property. IP-portfolio is developed according to the standard approved by the Exchange

IP strategy

Description of the financial and business goals of the project, ways of attracting investments through stock exchanges and stock instruments (IPS shares, IPS tokens, franchises, licenses, etc.), forms of interaction with investors, monetization methods, capitalization and business development

IPS Intellectual
Property sharing

A New Type of Collective Collection of Investments by Selling Shares of the Proprietary Rights of Intellectual Property Without the Exclusion of Exclusive Rights


An intellectual property object registered as a Composite Author's Work, consisting of at least 1 (one) business brand and 1 (one) business asset - a site, service, product, technology, project, science product, computer program and etc.


Status granted to the Applicant on the basis of the Pitching, which allows you to start the procedure
IPS Emissions on Standard Terms


The status granted to the Applicant on the basis of the Pitching, which allows you to start the procedure of IPS-emission on preferential terms due to the high innovative level of the project, profitability and other criteria


IPS-Asset Issues on the IPS-Assets Marketplace for Sale

Prospect IPS-Issuance

A document registered by the Exchange, which describes the conditions for the issuance and placement of IPS-Assets


Legal or natural persons (or a combination of them) that registered the IPS-Issue prospectus and are the right holders for the IPS-Shares


A package of documents provided to the Exchange for registration of IPS-Issue Prospectus for the purpose of admission to sales at the IPS-Assets site:
1. Application for registration of IPS-Issue
2. Decision on allocation of IPS-Assets
3. Copies of documents confirming the registration of the IPS-Object
4. Copies of documents confirming the right to receive income under license agreements (if any)
5. Certified price lists of services (for IPS-Tokens)
6. Financial statements of the applicant for the last 3 years (according to IFRS) - not required for the Section "IPS-V: Listing of venture projects"
7. Business plan or financial model (for IPS-Shares)
8. Statutory documents of the legal entity (copy)
9. Documents on registration of a legal entity (copy)
10. Signed agreement with the Exchange and the Questionnaire (the form indicates which functions the Issuer transfers to the Exchange - underwriting, market-making)
11. Report on the evaluation of the value of the IPS-Object
12. Documents confirming the payment of the Exchange services.
The Exchange reserves the right to request other documents in order to verify the accuracy of the information disclosed by the Issuer, as well as for a fair assessment.



Types of exchange-traded objects traded on the IPS-Assets site: IPS-Shares and IPS-Tokens


Shares of title of intellectual property of IPS-Object for sale on the site "IPS-Assets"
There are two types of IPS-Shares:
- IPS Share Fix (IPS Share Fix) - with a fixed annual yield rate declared by IPS-Issuer
- IPS Share Market (IPS Share Market) - with a market (flexible) annual rate of return


Contract for the IPS-Issuer to perform certain works (transfer of goods) at a predetermined (fixed) cost.
IPS-Tokens redemption: the actual fulfillment by IPS-Issuer of obligations to perform services (transfer of goods) according to the IPS-tokens presented by the investor


European Registrar INTEROCO Copyright Office, located in Germany (Berlin), and issuing copyright certificates recognized in 167 countries of the world as agreed by the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (www.interoco.com)

Market maker

A legal entity that has entered into a contract with the IPS-Issuer on a mandatory basis to service transactions for the purchase and sale of its IPS-Shares, including with the aim of maintaining current quotes and liquidity. Under a contract with the IPS-Issuer, the market maker can also support IPS-Tokens quotes.


Actions for the placement of IPS assets, including preliminary sales of IPS Assets under pre-order contracts before the start of open sales


Fixing in the system of exchange trading the average cost of IPS-Shares according to the results of trading sessions

Accredited Investor

Individuals and legal entities that have expressed a desire to invest in exchange-traded objects based on investment proposals provided by the Exchange